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Why Piping Design Course

Why Piping Design Course

Piping Engineers is a vital member of engineering teams and numerous vacancies are available in the areas of design, layout, analysis, construction, operation and maintenance of piping systems. With the broad technical background piping engineers can prepare themselves for various vacancies in material control, estimating, field engineering, and support in refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical Industry.

Piping design and engineering is a key element in various streams of engineering. Piping and accessories constitute over 25% of the total capital investment in the chemical process industry, petroleum and petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, power plants, long distance LNG/LPG/CNG Pining systems and Irrigation systems.

Piping constitutes of 40~45% of total Process plants(Only Refineries, Petrochemical and Fertilizers complexes), Piping is only relevant in oil and gas downstream industry, and it's known as "Plant Design & Piping Department", There are 3 kinds of Piping Engineers 1) Layouts, 2) Materials & 3) Supports(stress), while supports or stress engineers need good foundation on Mechanics of materials, they play only 10% of the role, they only interact with layout and structural engineers

piping is a hot cake job during peak oil demand, skills of piping engineer are applicable nowhere, their knowledge is useful where several kinds fluids flow in piping system namely acids, carcinogenic liquids, poisonous gases, caustic liquids, corrosive fluids, hydrogen & very high pressure jet.